Second Avenue Capital Partners (SACP) has a different way of looking at things. Tightened regulations over the last decade have forced banks to rely on historical performance and lagging indicators. As banks have largely retrenched from lending practices of years past, new sources of alternative financing have given rise to a market solution. But not all alternative lenders are created equal.

SACP Financing Creates Opportunity

Second Avenue Capital Partners believes borrowers should have alternatives that create opportunity. We deliver a wide variety of flexible capital solutions through revolving lines of credit and term loans. Always mindful of your strategic and financial objectives, our financing options are developed to accommodate factors that may fall outside of predefined parameters.

“SACP’s responsiveness and sense of urgency were vital to this process and we look forward to working with them.”

Recent SACP Transactions

True Religion

Flexible Lending Solutions

As a direct lender financing middle market companies, our goal is to help our clients achieve financial and strategic goals by providing capital solutions that offer maximum liquidity and flexibility.

  • Revolving lines of credit and term loans
  • Seasonal, in-transit or opportunistic inventory advances
  • FILO 100+% in partnership with leading national banks and syndications
  • Bridge capital
  • Custodial Lending
  • Fulfillment by Amazon
  • IP Consumer Brands (selective)

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