The primary goal of Second Avenue Capital Partners (SACP) is to provide capital solutions that help companies prosper. Our innovative product line is uniquely designed to keep business moving forward.

We provide relevant and flexible capital solutions that promote growth and success. We’re not afraid to layer in the “unknowns” that traditional lenders would shy away from. Our non-traditional approach to lending incorporates what we see as “stretch” value. In this way, we know we can maximize asset yield and optimize the value of all assets.

As a private direct lender, SACP’s capital solutions represent a best-in-class alternative to traditional sources of capital.

  • Target Commitment Size: $5MM to $75MM with the ability to syndicate larger transactions
  • Sector agnostic across retail, consumer products, and the broader supply chain
  • Optimizing value in all asset classes; maximizing inventory liquidity up to 100% of NOLV
  • Positive cash flow or historical earnings are not required
  • Experienced and trustworthy Management team and reliable management information and systems

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