The traditional process for securing critical ABL financing including workout, DIP, and Exit financing, can be challenging and slow-moving. For struggling companies in financial distress, traditional methods are not viable options. Pressing obligations to creditors plus restructuring costs, payroll, rent, inventory purchases, and other operating costs necessitate a more expeditious solution. Securing a credit facility will signal to vendors and other stakeholders that a turnaround is possible.

Critical ABL Financing with Speed

SACP redefines and innovates the process using speed and agility as tools to deliver critical financing solutions. Our methodology underwrites speed to accommodate the client’s time constraints. Our agility is an advantage as we pivot quickly to adapt to changing dynamics.

We’re never encumbered by process. We deconstruct each transaction by targeting our resources to deliver the most relevant financial solution.

Where other lenders see risk, we see the possibility of delivering opportunity. SACP’s motivated team of professionals manage complex and critical financing transactions with urgency. Certainty of execution coupled with flexible terms provide the formula for success and a solution befitting the opportunity.

SACP Critical ABL Financing

“SACP was a true partner throughout the acquisition, from supporting us in the bidding process to delivering a credit facility concurrent with our closing.”

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